School Fees

  • School Fees are charged to parent accounts at the beginning of each term
  • Statements are emailed at the end of each month
  • There is a fixed tuition fee for the first child attending St Joseph's School with a 25% discount for the second child, a 50% discount for the third child and a total fee discount for the fourth and subsequent children
  • School fees are due by week 9 of each term
  • It is preferred if Resource and Curriculum Levies can be paid by the end of February.

School Fee Structure 2024

Tuition Fee per year (billed over 4 terms) Total Fees per year, including annual levies and Maintenance Fee
One Child -       $1360 ($340 per term) $2022
Two Children -   $2380 ($595 per term) $3354
Three Children - $3060 (765 per term) $4346
Four Children -   $3060 ($765 per term) $4346

Resource Levy $184 per child per year

Curriculum Levy $128 per child per year

Facilities and Maintenance Fee $350 per family per year

(unless an older child in the family is attending Mount St Patrick College, then the fee will be charged at the College.)

NB: The above fees do not include the cost of extra excursions, field trips and sports fees.