Student Leadership

At St Joseph’s Primary, we believe a leader is someone who accepts the responsibility to build community and works to improve school spirit, culture and pride through active participation in school and parish activities. Student voice, choice, collaboration and influence are highly valued aspects of student participation and leadership at St. Joseph’s. Every student has the opportunity for leadership in their classrooms from Kindergarten through to Year 6, progressing to the Student School Leadership Team in Year 6. We believe that every child is a leader and can be a role model for others, guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and led by Christian Values. 

Students from Years 3 to 6 can become part of the St Joseph’s Student Representative Council (SRC) supported by our Year 6 leaders - School Captains, Students Disciples and Sports Captains.  

Student leadership gives students the opportunity to act in a representative role on behalf of their peers, demonstrating confidence, resilience, persistence, organisation and getting along skills. The Year 6 leadership team and SRC facilitate student participation (voice, choice, collaboration and influence) in matters at the school that directly affect their peers.